The Office of Institutional Research collects and analyzes information about the University that supports the data-driven decisions of the University’s executive administration, the University community, and external agencies.


IR collects, preserves and disseminates institutional data, ensuring its integrity and accuracy. IR prepares University information from the student enrollment history, the employee census history and the faculty activity reporting system.


IR serves the executive administration by turning data into useful information and providing University-related data analysis to support informed planning and decision-making. IR provides assistance in the administration of various surveys including the Senior Survey and the CIRP Freshman Survey.


IR is an official reporting office for the University. IR provides data and information to the University community as well as external agencies.  IR responds to state and federally mandated reporting requirements, various college guides surveys and the U.S. News and World Report survey. IR produces the annual University Fact Book and updates the Common Data Set.

IR reports to the Controller within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.